Seasonal Menus

Three course menu
€ 42.50

Four course menu
€ 52.50

Five course menu
€ 62.50

Menu gastronomique (Seven course menu)
(Can only be ordered per table)
€ 80.00

All daily changing menus can also be ordered
as lacto-vegetarian or veganistic-vegatarian menu.

Please let us know if you have a food allergy/restriction!

Cold Starters

Starter from the seasonal menu
Please ask your waiter/waitress
€ 18.50

Rouleaux of tuna and king fish with
me fraîche and balsamic caviar
€ 21.00

Triangle of pasta, celeriac
and chives with red onion sorbet.

€ 19.00

Duck pastrami
Salad of duck pastrami, croutons and
duck tongues with citrus dressing

€ 19.50

Preserved ballotine of quail and foie gras
with Romaine lettuce and Madagascar onions
€ 24.50

Steak tartare
Tartare of Black Angus beef with fried bread, egg yolk cream,
sweet and sour jelly and
Bloody Mary sorbet
€ 23.50

Warm Entremets

Entremet from the seasonal menu
Please ask your waiter/waitress
€ 19.50

Petite Marmite en croute
Bouillon with vegetables served in puff pastry
€ 18.50

Lamb sausages, Lardo di Colonnato
and coffee, potato froth

€ 23.00

Croquette of pork tail with remoulade sauce
and a salad of dwarf French beans
€ 22.50

Main Courses

Main course from the seasonal menu
Please ask your waiter/waitress
€ 26.50

Black Angus
Black Angus with summer truffle carved at table
(Can only be ordered for two people)
€ 31.00

Anjou pigeon
Anjou pigeon with fennel, sweet pepper coulis
and purées of dates

€ 31.00

Breast of Veal
Crunchy breast of veal with Pain Perdu
of veal tongue and Galanga sauce.

€ 26.50

Three preparations of rabbit
with it’s own gravy
€ 29.00

Cod braised in peanut oil with Ravioli
of veal tail and Madeira.

€ 25.00

Monkfish with spicy crust
and a sauce of almonds and garlic

€ 31.00


Banana cooked in caramel with burrata,
black olives and ruby chocolate.

€ 12.50

Chocolate bar
Dark chocolate bar filled with vanilla ice cream
made from cashew nuts
€ 12.50

Poched baby pineapple with cloves
and tonkabean ice cream
€ 12.50

Coconut quark with lemonleaf,
yoghurt ice cream and
muscovado foam
€ 12.50

Dessert from the seasonal menu
(Please ask your waiter/waitress)
€ 12.50

Cheese, cheese and more cheese
€ 16.50

Dessert Wines

Muscat de rivesaltes amber
per glass € 6.50

Moscato d’ Ásti
per glass € 5.00

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise
per glass € 6.00

Elysium black muscat
per glass € 6.50

per glass € 7.50

Tokaji azu 5 puttonyos
per glass € 6.50

per glass € 12.00

per glass € 5.50

Pedro Ximenez sherry
per glass € 6.50

Wine Arrangements

Three course menu
€ 18.00

Four course menu
€ 24.00

Five course menu
€ 30.00

Seven course menu
€ 42.50

Fortified wines from the South

Vintage port
per glass € 8.50

LBV (Late bottled vintage)
per glass € 6.75

Ruby port
per glass € 5.50

Tawny port
per glass € 6.00

per glass € 6.00

Pineau des Charentes
per glass € 6.00