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Seasonal changing Course Menu

3-Course Menu

€ 42,.50

4-Course Menu

€ 52.50

5-Course Menu

€ 62.50

Menu gastronomique (7-Course Menu)

(can only be ordered per table)

€ 80.00

The seasonal changing menus can also be ordered

lacto vegetarian or vegan vegetarian.

Are you allergic? Please let us know!

Cold Starters

Starter of the seasonal menu

( Please ask your waiter/waitress)

can also be ordered vegetarian

€ 16.50

Sea bass

Toast of sea bass andpancetta with candied lemon

and Wasabi mayonaise

€ 19.50

Suckling pig bar

“bar” of suckling pig and garlic with sweet and sour

cauliflower, carrot and dill mustard

€ 19.50


Bonbon of buffalo mozzarella, tomato terrine

basil cress and rocketargan oil

€ 18.50

Steak tartare

Tartare of Black Angus with fried bread, cream of egg yolk,

sweet and sour gel and Bloody Mary

€ 22.50

Warm Entremets

Entremet of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 19.50


Cornsoup with tortellini, filled with pork belly

and sweet pepper sugar

€ 21.00


Tuna ravioli, scallops and white radish steamed on a

banana leaf and salsa of beefsteak tomatoes

€ 23.00

Pig’s cheek

Braised pig’s cheek with shiitake and truffle syrup

€ 18.50

Main Courses

Main course of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 26.50

Black Angus

Black Angus with truffle carved at the table

(can only be ordered for two people)

€ 29.75

Kemper hen

Kemper hen chicken thighs filled with cream of celeriac and prunes

€ 25.00

Blanquette de Veau

Classical French stew prepared Pestengasthuys style

€ 28.50


Three prepararions of rabbit with its own gravy

€ 28.50


Mackerel with Serrano ham, purée of Jerusalem artichoke,

persillade with Dutch shrimps

€ 25.00

Lemon sole

Poached fillet of lemon sole with lobster sauce

and salted mandarin couscous

€ 28.50


Sugar loaf

Sugar loaf parfait with mocha syrup and milk froth

€ 10.50

PGH bar

Bar of dark chocolate

with cashew nut ice cream

€ 10.50


Caramelised baby pineapple with clove

and tonka bean ice cream

€ 10.50


Apple tasting

€ 10.50

Dessert of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 10.50


Cheese, cheese and more cheese…

€ 15.00

Dessert wines

Muscat de rivesaltes amber

per glass € 6.50

Moscato d’ Ásti

per glass

€ 5.00

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

per glass € 6.00

Elysium black muscat

per glass

€ 6.50


per glass € 7.50

Tokaji azu 5 puttonyos

per glass € 6.50


per glass € 12.00


per glass € 5.50

Pedro Ximenez sherry

per glass € 6.50

Wine Arrangements

3-Course Menu

€ 16.50

4-Course Menu

€ 24.00

5-Course Menu

€ 28.00

7-Course Menu

€ 40.00

Fortified wines from the South

Vintage port

per glass starting from € 8.50

LBV (Late Bottled Vintage)

per glass € 6.75

Ruby port

per glass € 5.50

Tawny port

per glass € 6.00


per glass € 6.00

Pineau des Charentes

per glass € 6.00