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Seasonal changing Course Menu


3-Course Menu

€ 39.50


4-Course Menu

€ 49.50


5-Course Menu

€ 58.00


Menu gastronomique (7-Course Menu)

(can only be ordered per table)

€ 70.00


The seasonal changing menus can also be ordered

lacto vegetarian or vegan vegetarian.


Are you allergic? Please let us know!


Cold Starters


Starter of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 16.50



Three preparations of different potato

varieties with flakes of cod

(can also be ordered vegetarian)

€ 19.50


North Sea crab

Cannelloni of North Sea crab with gherkin, mayonnaise

of crustaceans and sorbet of cucumber and wasabi

€ 25.00



Amsterdam onions rolled in pastrami

served with yoghurt and argan oil

€ 17.50


Steak tartare

Tartare of Black Angus with fried bread, cream of egg yolk,

sweet and sour gel and Bloody Mary

€ 18.50


Warm Entremets


Entremet of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 21.00


Tomato bouillon

Consommé celestine Pestengasthuys style

€ 24.00



Fried scallops with

fermented carrots and fried milk skin

€ 24.00



Bread ravioli with rooster, morels

and grilled green asparagus

€ 19.00


Main Courses


Main course of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 26.00


Black Angus

Black Angus with truffle carved at the table

(can only be ordered for two people)

€ 29.00



Crunchy procureur of Mangalitsa pig with bitterballs

of endive, ham and cheese served with a laos sauce

€ 25.00



Three preparations of Dutch spring lamb served

with its own gravy scented with smoked garlic

€ 25.00



Fillet of venison in puff pastry

with duxelles of red pepper and rhubarb coulis

€ 32.00



Fried monkfish with croquettes of Zeeland creuses

and Hollandaise sauce with kaffir lime

€ 28.50



Back of haddock with salted mandarin couscous

and vadouvan sauce

€ 25.00





Strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar

with basil and white ale froth.

€ 10.00


PGH bar

Bar of dark chocolate

with cashew nut ice cream

€ 10.00



Dessert of coconut, Tahiti vanilla

and sweet woodruff

€ 10.00



Macaroons with seasonal

fruit and yoghurt curds.

€ 10.00


Dessert of the seasonal menu

(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

€ 10.00



Cheese, cheese and more cheese…

€ 14.00


Dessert wines


Muscat de rivesaltes amber

per glass € 6.50


Moscato d’ Ásti

per glass

€ 5.00


Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

per glass € 6.00


Elysium black muscat

per glass

€ 6.50



per glass € 7.50


Tokaji azu 5 puttonyos

per glass € 6.50



per glass € 12.00



per glass € 5.50


Pedro Ximenez sherry

per glass € 6.50


Wine Arrangements


3-Course Menu

€ 16.50


4-Course Menu

€ 24.00


5-Course Menu

€ 28.00


7-Course Menu

€ 40.00


Fortified wines from the South


Vintage port

per glass starting from € 8.50


LBV (Late Bottled Vintage)

per glass € 6.75


Ruby port

per glass € 5.50


Tawny port

per glass € 6.00



per glass € 6.00


Pineau des Charentes

per glass € 6.00